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The SmartBurn device makes cleaning your chimney flue simple and stress free!


SmartBurn is a combustion catalyst for wood heaters and is based upon a mixture of natural, nontoxic and non-corrosive ingredients which dissolve existing creosote accumulations whilst preventing further build-ups. SmartBurn improves the combustion efficiency of your heater providing up to 17% more value from your wood, reducing smoke and particulate emissions by up to 54%, and keeping your heater glass door clean.



SmartBurn has been thoroughly tested for effectiveness and safety by four independently Certified Laboratories who have proven that SmartBurn reduces smoke emission by up to 54%, whilst gaining up to 17% more efficiency. This is in accordance with Australia and New Zealand standards AS4012, AS4013, AS:2918 and USA EPA Method 5G and Method 28.



Since SmartBurn’s launch in 2005 the device has won over 71 Awards for Environmental Sustainability, Innovation & Excellence.


1. Produces up to 17%* MORE VALUE from your Wood

• The SmartBurn ingredients work by lowering the ignition temperature and allowing more flammable smoke particles to be burned within the fire, rather than going up the chimney as wasted fuel.
• Certified Laboratory Testing has shown that wood lasts up to 17% longer when using SmartBurn in your wood fire.
• By slowing down the combustion rate, SmartBurn helps the fire burn longer overnight, thereby increasing the value achieved from your wood.
• The money saved from using less wood will offset the cost of the SmartBurn device.

2. Dramatically REDUCES SMOKE emissions by up to 54%*

• SmartBurn works directly on the gases and particles released from wood smoke- ensuring they ignite and preventing them escaping unburnt into the atmosphere. This results in up to a 54% reduction in particulate emissions.
• Each SmartBurn device can prevent approximately 15kg of particulate emissions.
• Less soot and sap on the roof therefore cleaner water entering rainwater tanks.
• Tested and Certified by Australian Home Heating Association NATA Certified Laboratory (now VIPAC) and OMNI-Test Laboratories, U.S.A.

3. CLEANS the chimney while the fire burns

• SmartBurn dissolves existing creosote build-ups and is designed to keep the flue free from heavy deposits.
• Condensation of smoke in chimneys and flues creates creosote - the primary cause of chimney fires. SmartBurn reduces this danger because it burns more of the gases and particles before they escape up the chimney as smoke.
• Fire lights easier and ‘draws’ better reducing smoke spillage into the room.

4. CLEANS the heater glass window and reduces ash build-up

• The device is designed to reduce stubborn stains and tar accumulations on your heater glass door resulting in more radiant heat and increased efficiency.
• Dramatically reduces the amount of fine ash, dust and charcoal in the firebox.

5. EFFECTIVE for up to 3 months of continuous use

• Simply place the device as per the How to Use guidelines and leave - it’s that simple!
• Each device has a working life of approximately 3 months. The temperature of the fire, firebox size and type of fuel used regulates the speed at which the SmartBurn ingredients are put to use/ evaporate.

6. Contains NATURAL, Non-Toxic and Non-Corrosive Ingredients

• SmartBurn has been tested by a NATA Certified Independent Laboratory.
• Certified as non-corrosive by SGS Testing Laboratory Sydney Australia.

7. MULTI-AWARD winning Australian Invention

• SmartBurn have won 71 Awards for Environmental Sustainability, Innovation & Excellence. 
• SmartBurn is a leader in the field of reducing wood smoke emissions and is committed to educating operators about the correct use of their heating appliances. 
• Proudly Australian invented, manufactured and family owned.

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